This section will not be updated any further, since Cyanna is dead. You can read the story of the band here.

07 · Mar · 2014 † Cyanna Is Dead

A few months back, sometime after the summer of 2013, we decided to pull the plug on Cyanna. The last lineup of the band, Nick, Spyreas, Anthony, Jason and Nais was the one that lasted longer, the one

23 · Oct · 2013 † Cyanna Digital Discography

All official Cyanna releases, including lyrics and sleeve notes, have been made available through our bandcamp site. Free downloads, audio streaming, as well as orders for merchandise (Vinyls, CDs, T

02 · Oct · 2013 † Fascism in Greece

Fascism in Greece is state-protected and used as a means to blackmail all opposing voices. It’s used to make the goverment look more humane and to disguise the true fascists, that rule this coun

01 · Oct · 2013 † The Undressed EP Plus on iTunes and Spotify!

“The Undressed EP Plus” features 3 remixes, GDaddie’s and Hiras’ takes on “To Love Forever” and Dimitris Papaspyropoulos’ Last Chance remix of “I Am Can

18 · Sep · 2013 † Fascism is on the rise.

Fascism is on the rise. Spread the word. This is real. Greece is on the edge. Our government and mainstream media are in one way or another supporting this parade of hate. Spread the word cos whatR