Pontian Carol

Pontian Carol 1200
Pontian Carol

Once we were Pagans
We sailed the seas to the North
Black Sea the mountains
We built temples to the Gods
A thousand years and more
History bound us
Bright jewel cities from shore to shore
New ways new homes
Life would spread further
The East and West
An empire born

Apostles came to spread the Gospel
A new found truth but equally old
Message of Love Unity Acceptance
Another thousand years and maybe more
The Son of God and Virgin Mary
Symbol of sacrifice the Cross
Old temples now they fell in ruins
Our ways were blessed
Our ways were torn

The last to come the Sword of Islam
Few hundred years more we learned to live
With all the nations within our cities
The flame still burnt – a gift of peace
But at the turn of 1900s the line would end
All life would bleed
Our people sent to death – our people scattered
Across land
Across the seas


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