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Cyanna Mercury - Archetypes (front cover) copy



Horse Dark As Night
The Lunatic
Ode To The Absent Father

If We Were Blind
Nothing We Can Do
There Will Be A Time


Produced by Dimitris Lilis & Cyanna Mercury
Co-produced, mixed, engineered by Alex Bolpasis
Recorded at Artracks studios, Athens
Mastered by James Plotkin

Spyreas Sid – vocals & percussion
Nick Sid – keyboard
Diamond Pr – guitars
Dennis Panagiotidis – drums
Dimitri Georgopoulos – bass

Kafka: voice in Horse Dark As Night, Hermes & Ode To The Absent Father
Esterina: backing vocals in Horse Dark As Night, The Lunatic, Lilith, There Will Be A Time
Stella Valasi: santouri in Nothing We Can Do
Kostas Karagiannakis: bouzouki in The Lunatic
Phil Diamond: backing vocals in Lilith
Vocal solo in The Lunatic and backing vocals in If We Were Blind by Nick Sid


Cover Painting by Kyle Fite •
Layout Design by Bewild

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